March 7, 2013 – First Letter from the MTC in Guatemala

Hey the Fam!!!

I only have a few minutes, but I just wanted to let you
know that I arrived and I´m safe! This keyboard is funky. Did Sara
have her baby?! Boy or girl?? Did Mom and Dad and Jason cry themselves
to sleep? Haha, I hope not. That would´ve been sad. The classes here
so far are really really ridiculously easy…Like, teaching us how to
say “Buenos días.” Madre mía… (I probably shouldn´t say madre mía
anymore, huh?) Bueno, anyways, I talked to my teacher and said that I
didn´t think I belonged in the 6 week program, and he agreed
wholeheartedly so in a few days there´s going to be a change of some
sort. I think I´ll be put in with los hispanohablantes, thank
goodness. I´ll let you know what happens there. I love my
compañeras!!! Hermana Lopez and Hermana Anderson, they´re awesome.
The CCM (MTC in spanish) is absolutely full to bursting, so we (the
american hermanas) are actually living in a Church-owned house right
across from the temple. (The temple is BEAUTIFUL.) So that´s fun.
There´s no dressers or anything though, so no unpacking for me! The
food here is SO TASTY. Oh my GOODNESS it is the best food I´ve ever
tasted. And it´s one of the rules that you have to eat EVERYthing, so
I´m full all the time. It´s glorious. Guatemala is gorgeous! At least
the parts I´ve seen so far. Anyways, it´s time to go, so I´ll just say
that I love you and I miss you and I´m praying for you!!!! Oh, and I´m
only sending this to ma and pa, so could yáll send it to the rest of
the fam? (and upload it to the blog?) That´d be grand.  Love you so

Hermana Stephens

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