March 19, 2013 – Walmart and temples and charity!

Dear The Fam! Life is still super busy but great! I´m learning a lot.
Tonight we watched a devotional from a couple years ago of Elder
Bednar (Papa´s best friend) talking to missionaries in the MTC. It´s
amazing how often I receive EXACTLY what I need to hear. Without going
into too much detail (because I only have a few minutes to write), I´m
learning a lot more about the process of faith and conversion. And
about the perfect example that Christ set for us. He was ALWAYS
turning outward, focusing on others, completely, perfectly selfless.
And that´s what it´s all about. Our life here on earth is about
learning to become more like Christ was: becoming more fully converted
to His Gospel. Focusing on others, turning OUTward instead of INward.
Repenting is changing, and reTURNing to Christ. Recently I´ve been
focusing on charity, and trying to develop that quality, and listening
to the words of an apostle of the Lord has helped me understand that
supreme quality and godlike gift that is charity. So that´s what I´m
going to be focusing on: others. In other news, I use a lot of caps,
and this keyboard doesn´t allow paragraph breaks. Also, I love the
temple SO much. We went earlier today, and lemme tell you, there is no
greater peace than that felt in the house of the Lord. I´m loving it.
Also they let us go to Walmart today. It was gated. Fancy. Also, did
you know that chocolate costs roughly a billion dollars here? Not
really. But it is expensive.  …ly delicious. Also, the exchange rate
from dollars to quetzales is 1:8. I spent like Q200 at Walmart today,
which seems like a huge amount of money, but it´s actually like $25.
And that´s about all I have time for. I love you each so much. I pray
for you every day. I know that God loves you each so dearly and so
personally. Él les vela. He´s watching over you.


Hermana Stephens

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