March 12, 2013 – 2nd letter from the MTC in Guate

Querida familia,
ALICE?!?! That is SUCH a good name!!! Oh, I bet she’s adorable. I wish I could hold her. Oh my gosh, I have a new niece…A new, week-and-a-half-old niece. I can’t believe it.
Life here in the CCM is so great. Like I think I said in the last email, I have dos compañeras, Hermana Anderson and Hermana Lopez. They’re so awesome. We were meant to be companions here, I know it. We get along so well, and it’s so easy to communicate with them and share experiences and feelings and promptings. We’ve been teaching a woman named Sabrina who lives here in Guatemala City, and who wants to know more about the gospel. (Note: Sabrina is a real person, not an actress.) Sabrina is seriously so cool. We’ve taught her four times so far, and the Holy Spirit was so strong. This last lesson happened yesterday, and it was just increíble. Yesterday was a pretty rough day…It can get pretty overwhelming here, being so busy all the time, and feeling so unprepared and yet just wanting to teach people about the gospel. So yesterday all day I was just praying that I could know what Sabrina needed to hear (we taught her in the evening), and I felt confused, like I just wasn’t receiving any answers. Hna. Anderson, my companion, felt like we should just focus on el Espíritu Santo–how to feel the Spirit, how to know what truth is, how to feel paz and comfort, so I trusted her prompting. So we prepared to teach Sabrina about the Holy Spirit, and the instant we walked in there, it was like everything fell into place. It´s so easy to feel love for the people you teach. That entire lesson, we just bore testimony to her about prayer and times in our lives when we have prayed for comfort or peace, and how God has helped us feel the Holy Spirit, and it was so awesome. We cried, and Sabrina cried, and at the end of the lesson, we asked her if she would pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and she said she would!!! She also said that she would last time we taught her, but she didn´t, but I really think she will this time. I just love her so much, which is kind of bizarre because I´ve only known her–what, 5 days? Crazy.
Oh! Also, Mom or Dad, would you mail me my patriarchal blessing? I left it in my old journal (either the hardback green one or the hardback black one, somewhere in the leaves of the paper), in a cardboard box in the top of my closet, to the left. It’s laminated with tape haha. So if you could send me that it would be awesome. Or you could mail me a copy of it, or you could email it to me. But I can’t print stuff off here, and I only have 30 minutes every week to be on my email, so it would be better if you could mail it to me. (It takes about two weeks to send stuff here I think, so if you could send it pretty soon then that would be best, because if it gets here after I leave the CCM then I’ll have to wait several more weeks for them to mail it to me when I’m in Quetzaltenango.)
Also! I´ll probably be switching over to be with the Latina sisters when the new batch comes in, in a week, because I speak Spanish. So if that’s the case then I’ll be here for three more weeks, instead of five. In other words, I’ll probably be leaving the CCM (MTC) two weeks early. Which is scary, but awesome. I´m so excited. I met my mission president and his wife yesterday! Presidente Bautista. They are soooo nice! And the instant we were introduced, I felt like they already knew and loved me. I´m so excited to go to Quetzaltenango!!
Welllll I have like two more minutes on here. There’s a little countdown in the corner. So I just want to say that I love you all so so much, and I’m praying for you so hard. I know that God will help you in all of your righteous desires. He loves you so much, even more than me. He’s listening to you.
Love, love, love,
Hermana Stephens
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