April 2, 2013 – Can you believe I’ve been here for un mes?

Dear the Fam!!!

Hallo everybody! I had “Grandma’s featherbed” stuck in my head the
other day. Did you know that literally nobody has ever heard that song
except for our family?

Happy late Easter!!!! I hope you all had easter egg hunts and lots of
delicious candy. We had chicken cordon bleu for dinner and
homan…that was tasty. The cooks here are the nicest people ever.
They gave us all Easter eggs with candy in them with our dinner! It
was so sweet. …literally. I love Sundays, and Easter Sunday is just
a double bonus.

There was an earthquake here, apparently! They told us about it but
nobody felt anything. In other news, I got April fools-ed on Monday.
Or they TRIED to. Here it’s called “Dia de los inocentes.” It’s
actually the 21st of december here when they have april fool’s, but
they are super accommodating so they played pranks on us anyways. How
thoughtful. Anyways, one of my old teachers came into the classroom on
Monday and tried to convince me that I needed to be in the workshops
with the missionaries that were leaving on Tuesday, because my
schedule had changed and I would be leaving two weeks early! I totally
didn’t believe him though. Nobody can fool me. I’m not inocente, I
guess. I’m just…ocente.

And besides that, I’m just learning a lot and LOVING it. It’s so
wonderful just studying the Gospel all day every day and practicing
teaching. I can’t WAIT to get out in the field, teaching real people
who want to learn about the truth. Today (P-day…claro) we went to a
market and to a park afterward and my companera and I talked to a man
about the Church. He wasn’t super interested, but it seriously got me
SO pumped to just talk to everybody. I’m so excited!!!!

Can someone please thank Nurit from the singles ward for those cards
(with the scriptures for all of the lessons. SO PERFECT.) she gave me?
And the “Becoming a consecrated missionary” talk especially. I have a
feeling I’ll be reading that very often. And the pencils. They have
all come in so handy. I love that talk. (And the journal is perfect as
well, Lynette/Elissa/Nurit. You ladies are superb.)

Okay, my time on the computer is up. I just want you all to know that
I love you so so much. You are each so dear to me. It’s hard being
away from all of my loved ones, but I trust that God will take care of
you. He knows you and loves you even more than I do, and He’s watching
over you. You are so loved.

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Stephens

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