April 22, 2013 – El campo blanco esta ya para la siega!

Querida familia,
Sir, it´s so good to hear about Tycho and Mara and their new friend and his lightsaber and Alice! And Wato, I hope finals went well for you! And for you, Schliessen. Ma, your grades are awesome. And Darmo, that pic that Ma sent of you was very studly. Darmo, write me. I´m having withdrawals. Papa, you´re awesome. Actually, you´re all awesome. And I love you each dearly. SO DEARLY. Smiley face. (this computer is way funky)
I´m in Quetzaltenango! Well, actually I´m in Salcajá.  My letter-mailing address is the following.

Hermana Jessica Stephens
Misión Guatemala Quetzaltenango
5a Calle 14-35, Zona 3
09001 Apratado Postal: 206
Quetzaltenango Guatemala

My package-mailing address is the following.

Hermana Jessica Stephens
Misión Guatemala Quetzaltenango
5a Calle 14-35 Zona 3
Edificio Las Tapias, Oficina 105
Número de Teléfono:
(502) 7763-7471

And they said to put my name on the actual box as well.  And also, send mail via the national mail because apparently FedEx and DHL may cause extra, unnecessary expense.

BUENO! Now that that´s over. I´m in Salcaja. I have two companions, who are both really awesome and friendly and patient with the fact that I can barely understand Spanish. I´ve been thinking about adopting a terrible gringo accent because everyone I talk to always comments about how well I speak, and then they start speaking really fast and I can´t understand them at all. Haha. But really, I´m so grateful to be here and to be learning Spanish and to already have a pretty good foundation. I can´t even imagine how hard it must be to arrive here knowing almost nothing. That takes a lot of faith.

This week was CRAZY. We moved apartments my first day here, we were without running water for three days, and then our apartment flooded when the water came back on (when it rains it pours, anyone?) haha. I get stared at a lot. Thanks for giving me the whitest genes ever, Papa.

Ma, could you send me recipes or meal ideas? My comps want me to make american food but I´m useless without recipes haha. And also, Ma, thank you for sending me my patriarchal blessing! But I don´t think that was all of it, i think the last part was missing. Is there anyway you could send me it printed out in a letter?

My birthday was great! That seems like forever ago, but thanks for the birthday wishes. They made me a huge doughnut cake with dulce-de-leche in the middle. The CCM cooks were awesome. (sigh of longing, except not really because the food is super delicious out here too)

The work here is coming along. We haven´t found very many people that are interested in the Church, but man are we trying. I´m in a trio, and my comps are awesome, but it´s kinda hard because they´ve been comps for 2 months already so they really know what´s going on here. But it´s going well all in all! We are going to turn this rama into a barrio!!! And we´re giong to find families! It´s going to happen. This is God´s work, it´s His glory, and He won´t let us fail. We just have to keep trying, and we´ll find the people who are searching for the truth. Just gotta keep up hope. Next week hopefully I´ll have better news.

Anyway I have to go, but just know that I love you all, and I pray for you every day. I know that God is watching over you, and He loves you each SO much.

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Stephens

p.s. I haven´t gotten dengue or been kidnapped yet, so basically we´re good. Smiley face.

Two new companions in Salcajá

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