¨Fuera pantelones¨ – July 1, 2013

Dear The Fam,

This week we started sending nightly texts to our investigators and recent converts to remind them to read the BoM and pray together as a family, and it´s been really successful. You know what? I love the Book of Mormon. This week I´ve found a renewed love for the book of Jacob, seriously it´s awesome. You know what else? If a family reads the Book of Mormon and prays together every single day, it´s almost impossible for that family to fall apart.
HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY LORI STUBBLEFIELD!!!!!!!!!! I love you and I think you´re just so awesome!

Papa — Nope, we didn´t get to watch the missionary broadcast, but I´ve heard about the changes that are going to happen with technology, and that´s pretty rockin´! I don´t think that anything is going to change here in Xela, but we´ll see. I don´t really see us using ipads or Facebook, for example, I don´t really think it would help the work down here. A hot water heater or nicer phone, on the other hand…  
Also, yes, Papa, I remember that book (¨I love you forever¨). I was actually thinking about it a couple days ago. Dude and in church yesterday we watched a video about a missionary in the early days of the church, and it showed him leaving behind his family and I started crying. …Embarrassing. Geeze, guys, why do you have to be so loveable and missable??
This week in a nutshell: I love pizza and finding families to teach (not necessarily in that order).
I just love you all. Hope you have a great week! I´m praying for you.
Hermana Stephens
p.s. Jarmo, I told my comp how you and I do that thing where when we´re laughing, we slightly squint one eye and we look CRAZY and it makes us laugh harder, and now she and I do it too sometimes. Hope you´re enjoying summer vaca and you´re being the best lifeguard ever. Miss you a lot, bub.
p.p.s. ¨fuera pantelones¨ because only skirts for me all the time every time.
p.p.p.s. that crazy hooligan boy is named Yosef. He´s AWESOME. And that´s me and my Hna. Aguirre in milpa! There´s corn everywhere.
p.p.p.p.s. Lauren Bolinger, if you read this, you were in my dream last night? You were dying your hair black. …It´s already black.


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