April 9, 2013 – Talk about Revelation

Dear the Fam! I am overwhelmed by how blessed I am. Yesterday I talked
to some missionaries from Peru and Honduras, and they asked me how
long I had been a member of the Church. When I said “all my life,”
they reacted like it was something so special. One had only been
baptized two years ago, and the other nine years ago. That made me
realize how much this Gospel has blessed my life, and how grateful I
am that I’ve had this truth blessing my life from the very beginning.
I’m leaving the MTC in a week! On Tuesday the 16th. I can’t wait to go
to Quetzaltenango and serve people and share the light and truth of
the Lord’s Gospel!! I’m a little nervous to get a new companion and to
have to speak Spanish all the time, but I trust that Heavenly Father
will lead me where I need to go and what I need to do and say.  Can I
just say, General Conference was AWESOME!!! I’m pretty sure Elder
Eyring’s talk was meant specifically for me. So don’t worry
y’all–while I’m out here serving God’s children, He’ll be watching
over you. “His arms are outstretched with yours to succor His
children.” And that includes YOU! Also, my religion teacher while I
was over in Spain a year and a half ago was Faustino Lopez, a member
of the 70, and he was released on Saturday. I was like “I KNOW HIM!!!”
And Elder Holland’s talk was just perfect. I love that man. And like
always, Papa, he reminds me so much of you. Because you’re both just
so wise and brilliant. Mama and Papa, I love you. Jason, I love
Gimgimno. Sara & co., you’re wonderful and I love you. Jacob, I love
Guatemala. Rachel, you’re marvelous and I love you. Andy, I wish I
could feed you and I love you. Shalysse, YOU’RE GOING TO ARIZONA!!!
Con amor, Hermana Stephens

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