I don’t know how to say “laps” in Spanish – June 10, 2013

Quick rundown: Yesterday we had NINE investigators at church! That´s four families, folks. Yesterday after church we went to visit a family we found last week, but they weren´t home (suprise, surprise the walrus said), but we talked to their neighbor, and it turns out that she just moved here from Nicaragua, and  before she left Nicaragua she was going to be baptized, and she still wants to be baptized. Can you say fell-right-into-our-laps? I can´t, in Spanish. But that´s what happened.
Just in case you´re curious, right behind my head in that photo you can almost-barely see the huge trash dump of Salcajá. And that´s not how my hair looks normally, that´s wind. Also, that´s how my desk looks most of the time.
I love you all!!!! Jarmo, I hope your ACT went well. Púchica, I can´t believe you´re old enough to take the ACT. Papa, I hope you have THE GREATEST PAPA´S DAY EVER! You deserve it. The other day my comp and I were talking about our dads and I wanted to say that I´m a carbon copy of you, but I don´t know how to say that, so I said that I´m you, but a girl and not old. Andy, I love you, tell Rachel (not Wato) that I said hi. Ma, I received what you wrote about Grandma, and it was beautiful and it made me cry. You´ve got a real talent. Rachel, I love you, tell Chris I said hi. Sir, La Quinta, mmmm. Jacob, forever years ago when you served in Xela (mert), did people say a la gran all the time? Schliessen, I can´t believe you´re leaving in just a few short weeks to go to stupid Arizona (just kidding Arizon, you´re not stupid, I´m just jealous)!! I´m so excited for you.
Hermana Stephens
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