La miembro mas fiel de la rama – May 20, 2013

Dear The Fam,

I´m so sorry to hear about Grandma Eads… Send my love to the whole Eads family. She´s in the spirit world right now, probably loving teaching people about Christ and reuniting with all her loved ones. Did you hear that President Monson´s wife passed away too? You´ll all be in my prayers.

Dude, Papa, can you still use your hand? Your typing probably hasn´t changed THAT much, just from two fingers to one. Mert. You should learn how to type. 🙂 That´s super awesome that you´re going to take a sign language class!!! Maybe we´ll be able to communicate in 3 languages when I get home!!

Yesterday I gave a talk in church on missionary work. I showed the congregation a little box I had made for members to put references in, and after Sacrament meeting I hung it on the announcement board and, cabal, later in the day one of the members had put her name and number and the name of her friend who she wants to visit with us in the box. Whoo! 

This is a picture of me and my comps with the chuchita of the pres of the Relief Society down here. Her name is Poala, she´s the most faithful member of the branch. She goes to all the meetings and activities and pays lots of attention. And she´s really active in missionary work–this picture was taken outside the house of an investigator.
I love Alma 5. And 1 Nefi 21:15-16.
We found a lady earlier this week who is SO awesome. In the second visit, she said she wanted to be baptized, and she came to church with us yesterday, and when we taught the Plan of Salvation to her the Spirit was so strong. She said it made perfect sense. In particular when we taught her about the spirit world and the missionary work that happens there, she loved it.
I love you all! I´m praying for you!
Con amor,
Hermana Stephens
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