Sabe qué?? – June 24, 2013

Dear the Fam and others,
1. Best Saturday in the history of Saturdays!!!!!! On Saturday, Sandra and her two hijos Ricardo and Ulíses ALL were baptized and it was so amazing. I hardly ate anything the week before because I was so nervous, wondering ¨are they really going to be baptized??¨ whereas Hermana Aguirre ate the whole world for the same reason. (Normally it´s the opposite–I eat way more than her.) Just to give you an idea of the craziness, we taught all of the commandments in TWO DAYS. And Sandra and Ulíses had their baptismal interview on Friday, but Ulíses didn´t, because he told us he wasn´t sure he wanted to be baptized, but then Friday night he called us and asked if he could still be baptized the next day. Soooo he had his baptismal interview about 20 minutes before changing into his white clothes. That crazy kid, making us sweat. But seriously this family is incredible. For example of their awesomeness, one time we invited Sandra to read 3 Nefi 11, and the next day she had not only read that chapter, but several chapters afterward. She told us that she first knew she wanted to be baptized after reading 3 Nephi 17, when Christ is about to leave, but the Nephites start crying and so He decides to stay, and heals people, and blesses the children. PILAS, RIGHT?? (Pilas means awesome) And Ricardo keeps talking about how he wants to visit people with us, and which part of the world he wants to go to for his mission (he has 18 years…old). And Ulíses is a little hooligan.

2. Puuuuchica, Bryce Davila is already back from his mission??? And Elder Pickett practically only has a couple minutes left of his mission (okay, months. the point is there´s very little left). And Monica is leaving tomorrow to go to the MTC! And Shalysse is leaving on Wednesday! YAY MISSIONARY WORK!!!! Schliessen and Mon, you are going to be SUCH incredible missionaries!!! You already are!!

3. Have you ever eaten chicharrines? They´re like pork rinds, but ADORABLE. A picture is attached. They expand when you put them in oil. Neat!
4. THANK YOU MAMA FOR THE PACKAGE. You are the greatest Mom in the history of Moms. So much peanut butter. My comp was like ¨hey, this is pretty good¨ and I was like ¨No, it´s DELICIOUS.¨ Mmmmmm, tastes like motherly love. Also thank you for my patriarchal blessing and the notecards and the skirt and everything. Seriously I love you, Mama.
5. Shout out to Papa, for writing me every week. Love you, Papa.
6. Sorry if this email made no sense, especially that first paragraph. This is what English looks like when it´s not used very often or proofread. Just know that I love you all so much and I´m so proud of you for the great people you are, and I pray for you every day, and I know God is watching over you. This is the truth: He lives, and He loves us.
Hermana Stephens


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