Temple, temple, temple – June 17, 2013

Dear The Fam,

I got to go to the temple on Thursday!!! Best thing ever!!! I love the temple. Also I had an interview with my president (in which I totally name-dropped you, India Johnson. Also today I met an Hermana Villeda from El Salvador who apparently went to girl´s camp with you in Minnesota. Small world). 

Today we went to see some waterfalls, so that´s the first sunburn I´ve had here, and it´s not even that bad. It was way way fun and afterward we played fútbol and that was also a blast.
We have three investigators that are going to be baptized on Saturday. Their story is incredible and I wish I could tell you everything about it, but suffice it to say that the Lord answers sincere prayers and he puts people in our path that are meant specifically for us.
Pictures: That´s me in front of the Quetzaltenango temple! And my zone. And me and my companion, Hna. Aguirre. Also, me and Hna Quarez today on a crazy rickety bridge (pantelones! We got to wear pantelones!), and me and Hna Aguirre in front of the waterfall up in San Cristobal.
A la gran, I just typed, ¨Papa me asked me¨ haha. Honestly I can´t speak English or Spanish anymore. Anyways, Papa asked me in an email the following, so I´ll respond to it here for your general enjoyment.
So, tell us about your investigators. How are they doing? They´re doing great! Ish. We have a bunch who love to have us over and even some who go to church almost every week, but who have specific problems, like they´re living with someone who they can´t get married to for X reason. And actually, on Sunday absolutely none of our investigators went to church, which was really sad. I kept glancing at the door during Sacrament Meeting, just waiting for someone to walk in, but they didn´t, and I actually started crying after Sacrament Meeting because nobody came… But everybody has their agency, man. It stinks haha. How many families are you teaching? A bunch! Today we´re going to see a family we´ve been teaching for a month or so, a ver if they read what we left them to read in the Book of Mormon, a family with ELEVEN children (yes, you heard me right. er…read me right?) who we found a week or so ago and they´ve been reading the Book of Mormon, and the family who is going to be baptized this Saturday. What are they like?isn’t it a joyful thing when you see them come to church and progress in their faith and desire to know God?!? YES. It´s the best feeling I´ve ever had. 
How are you doing with the teaching duties? I´m doing well! (I think, haha). Are you getting comfortable with the lessons? Yep. I love lessons.  How’s your Spanish? According to everyone I ever talk to, my Spanish is really good. I still wish I could understand a lot more than I do, but I understand so much more than two months ago. Are you starting to dream in Spanish yet? Every dream I´ve had for the past two months has been that we´re teaching one of our investigators. So yeah, it´s in Spanish, but sometimes in my dreams I still don´t know what they´re saying haha.
And to answer your other question, Papa, nope, it´s the same comp I´ve had since I´ve been here! Hermana Aguirre. Before we were in a trio, but a couple weeks ago Hna Caal left, so now it´s just us. And in a couple weeks it´s almost certain Hna Aguirre is going to leave and I´ll be left a lone hermana in Salcajá, with a new companion. Crazyyy!
Okay hopefully this email wasn´t really boring or needlessly long. Just know that I love you all and I´m so proud to call you my family/friends. YOU´RE ALL AWESOME!
Con amor, 
Hermana Stephens
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