September 23, 2013 – Pedro y Alma the older

Dear the Fam,

This week I got sick! boooo so we stayed inside and me on my bed moaning for like a full 24 hours. But I got a blessing and now Im all better. Man I love getting blessings, I started crying while the Elder was talking because I just felt so close to Heavenly Father. It was weird how great it was to be talked to in tu, I really understand now why the language of prayer in spanish is in tu. 

My comp named her parasite Pedro.
Nobody came to church yesterday, it was pretty depressing, especially since we literally went to every investigators house who told us they were going to go, or we had members go to their house, and STILL none of the came. Stupid parades and fairs. Every time we have bad days I just think ¨the Lord{s just humbling me, so I need to be more humble so He doesn{t have to work so hard at it.¨ 
We had English class this past week, and FIVE people came, and they weren{t even all members! It was way fun.
Also we had splits this week and I went to La Esperanza, and met a bunch of people, one of them a member named Andrea who{s getting married like next month. Then this Sunday the branch president in San Mateo got released, and the new branch president is like 26 years old, and unmarried. And his fiancee is the girl I met in La Esperanza! Weird right? But man he{s going to do such a great job. I was like ¨what can we do to help you?¨ and he said ¨pick my counselors for me¨ haha.
thought: I{ve been reading in Mosiah, and it mentions authority a ton, it{s no wonder Jose Smith realized the importance of the priesthood when he was translating the Book of Mormon. I love this book! The doctrine of Christ is so clear and simple. Also, every single one of you should go read Mosiah 24:10-15. Ready go.
I love you! Remember who you are! Make good choices! Learn heaven!
Con amor,
Hermana Stephens


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