FIVE – August 5, 2013 – Mario Elias’ five children were baptized

Dear the Fam!!

Yesterday three of the children of Mario Elías (who was baptized two weeks ago) and two of his grandchildren were baptized. That´s right, we got the permission from the two grandchildren´s mom. AND she went to church AND the baptism of her kids. AWESOME. Let me tell you, trying to find white clothes for all of those kids was a disaster. I was about ready to say, that´s it, you´re all getting baptized in your birthday suit. But it all worked out in the end, as you can see in the photo. And it was just beautiful, to see all of those niños so full of faith, so excited and ready.

Mañana cumplo 5 months in the mission. Crazy crazy crazy.
I love you all a whole lot. I wish I could be there for your birthdays and weddings, but I know that here in Salcajá is where I´m supposed to be. I know that God sent me here for a reason. He has a plan, and if we just listen and obey, we´re so much happier.


Hermana Stephens

p.s. Support your local missionary. Give them a reference today.

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