July 15, 2013 – New Companion Hna Arredondo from Peru

Dear The Fam,
Whoo really long email!
As you might have guessed from the subject line, I am loving my new companion. She´s only been in the mission for like 20 days now and I´m training her, but she´s such a great teacher and missionary and person that if I´m being honest, she´s definitely training me. She´s a convert (duh), she was baptized about four years ago. She´s 20 years old, from Peru, and aparte de español, she knows English (hollaaaa) and French (par le vou frances? yo no) and before the mission, she was studying linguistics. Can you say MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN? (No worries, Shalysse,) But seriously, this past week has been a blast. Last night after planning we got to talking about phonetics and IPA and man we´re nerdy. We´re continuing teaching the huge familia Elías, and the Papa is going to be baptized this Saturday. (prayers appreciated so that his children also se bautizen this saturday por favor)
It´s weird training because I still sometimes don´t know what people are saying, so whereas before, when I was with Hna Aguirre, I would just not respond when I didn´t know what people said, and she would respond instead, but now I´m the trainer, and it´s made for interesting conversations. For example when we were visiting with a lady and she told us how if she had enough money, she would´ve bought a baby from her neighbor (or something to that effect) and I thought ¨I must´ve heard wrong…¨ so I said something like ¨oh, that´s nice,¨ but then my Hna Arredondo was like ¨wait…you actually want to buy a baby? Isn´t that illegal?!¨ and apparently it´s a pretty common thing down here to buy babies. What. A couple days ago Hna Arredondo dreamed that she was buying a baby.
Yesterday we went to our recent convert´s house to bring them to church, and they were so not ready (there´s a festival in Salcajá right now, so there were way less people in church yesterday…disappointing), so we waited for them and waited and finally we left their house and there was no way we were going to arrive on time to church because they live far away, but something said to me ¨say a prayer so that a bus will pass by,¨ so right there in the street we said a prayer and cabal, right when we said amen, I looked up and there was a bus coming our way, and we made it to church on time. Hna Arredondo and I had done everything we could to make it to church on time, and in our moment of desperate need, I know that God sent us that bus. 2 Nephi 25:23–after all we can do, it is by grace we are saved. (Papa, this totally relates to what you sent me through dearelder.)

Sir, all I have to say to you is you´re an inspiration to me and I love your emails and a la gran, is that JARCOB?? HOLY HAIR.

In other awesome news, our recent baptism, Ricardo, who has 18 years, is going to go on a trip with the other YSA this coming weekend, which is rockin´ because he´ll have more friends and in a year he´s totally going to go on a mission. ROCKIN.
I love you all dearly.
Hermana StephensImage
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