July 29, 2013 – Ulises and the cat

Dear the Fam,

¨Aaaaargh, this is trunking me out of my mind!!¨ Guess what that´s from? The best two years, aka my life. It´s not really trunking me out of my mind, but I can´t believe it´s THIS SATURDAY that Rachel and Chris are getting married. (It is this Saturday, right? The third?) AND it´s Andle´s birthday. Do you guys realize this is the FOURTH wedding of one of my siblings that I don´t get to see? (Andle, let´s shoot for five, winky face.)
In that picture with me and my comp and Ulíses and the cat, sure sure, you can laugh at my face, but afterward you need to pay attention to the cat´s face. That´s pure panic. We were just playing?
Everything´s going well! Today we went paquiando (Guatemalan thrift-shore stopping…thrift-store shopping) for white clothes for four baptisms we´re going to have this Sunday!!! They´re the children of Hno. Mario Elías, the father who was baptised a week ago. He´s going to receive the Priesthood this coming Sunday and that afternoon baptize his children and it´s going to be AWESOME. They´re such a ridiculously special family, I wish I could explain to you how great they are. Speaking of which, we have a cita with them like right now so I gotta go!! I love you all so much!!! CONGRATULATIONS RACHEL I ROVE YOU SO MUCH!!! BIENVENIDO A LA FAMILIA, CHRIS!!!
Hna Stephens
p.s. I haven´t been chased by any dogs in the mission yet, but yesterday a cat hizo pipi ALL OVER my backpack. That was fun to clean up. And smell.


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