July 8, 2013 – Salcaja companion being transferred

Dear the Fam,

Welp, transfers are tomorrow and my comp (Hna Aguirre) is LEAVING me. I´m still going to be here in Salcajá, probably for another three months, since I´m going to be training a new missionary. Yeah, they told me a couple days ago and my first words were ¨Noooo, Elder, whyyyy¨ but I´ve (mostly) gotten over the I´m-so-unprepared-what-was-Presidente-Bautista-thinking phase and now I´m (mostly) just excited. It´s going to be great!
On Saturday we took a family we´ve been teaching to the temple (I LOVE THE TEMPLE), and it was seriously such a special experience. We had a mini-testimony meeting afterward and the father of the family said how he just felt so honored to be there on the temple grounds, and how he felt something there in the waiting room of the temple. They´re a really special family, Hna Aguirre is pretty sad she won´t be here to see them get baptized.
I forgot about the 4th of July until the 6th of July. Weird that I didn´t see any fireworks.
Aleigh Denti (I guess that´s not your name any more, huh?), congratulations!!!! By the time I get home I want to see a little mini-Aleigh/Shane… 😉
Sir, keep the Tycho and Mara stories coming. ¨Ooooh, paper money! Thanks!¨ hahahhahahaha oh man that´s going to keep me laughing for days. Rachel, you´re awesome. I´m always amazed by how MUCH you do. When do you sleep?? Papa, seriously I just love you, and I´m so proud of you. That´s so exciting that you got offered to be the academic director of the leadership program!!! hollaaaa! Jason, I hate you ´cause you´re getting tan. (not really, Darmo, I love you. Write me something.) Mama, my comp said to send her peanut butter, but I told her no, it´s all mine.
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. Sending prayers your way.
Hermana StephensImage
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