November 25, 2013 – Dar machete es bueno.

Dear FamiliaImage

I don`t remember everything that happened this week, but it was GREAT! We are teaching so many people so special who want to learn and come to church and change their lives. And it is BEAUTIFUL to see them doing exactly that–learning, coming to church, changing their lives. That`s what the Gospel does!! That`s why we`re here!
I just took a picture with my comp, Hna Raya (yes–Raya. Her apellido is almost as weird as mine here). Enjoy.
Can I just tell you, I love that feeling of coming home after a full day, planning, and just climbing into bed exhausted and on fire all at once? DyC 64:33–be not weary in well-doing, because you`re laying the foundation of a great work. Even when you bring investigators to church for the first time and it`s the stake conference and they have to just sit there for 2 hours, bored because they`re so not used to sitting in the same place for two hours, much less coming to church at all. Because afterward, they said it was bonito anyways, and they met the bishop and it was good. (sidenote, we have the weirdest problem that neither of us has ever experienced before, where we`re teaching too many men. Yesterday we literally could not find a woman to accompany us to church with our four male investigators. Weirded out.) (another sidenote–did you know Richard G. Scott speaks Spanish?? Yesterday in the stake conference broadcast he gave a talk. And he STILL mentioned his wife, awwww.)
I love you all! Have a great week!
Con amor,
Hermana Stephens
p.s. Something funny that happened=this interchange between a bolo and my comp:
¨Hello baby¨
¨Adiós feo!¨
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