October 14, 2013 – Great Week!

Dear The Fam, 

We had a great week this week. On Thursday (I think? the days all mix together) a member of the church here called us and asked ¨hey, do you want a baptism?¨ …pues, si. The next day he showed us where his friend Dinora lives, and we proceeded to have one of the greatest lessons I´ve ever had on my mission. Folks, this lady is so awesome. We asked what she wanted out of us and she said ¨I want to change my life.¨ Wow. She´s known of the church for a long time because her daughter´s a member, but she went to general conference on Sunday morning and LOVED it and told us she really wants to learn more and become a member.
And that´s the awesome story of the week. This morning in my personal study I really liked:
– the phrase ¨God, be merciful to me, a sinner¨
– mateo 8:34 and the quote from ¨Jesus the Christ¨ p. 324 ¨It was the fear that sinful men feel in the presence of the Righteous¨
– Luke 5:8 ¨depart from me: for I am a sinful man, O Lord¨
– Alma 36:16-20
I love you all!
Hermana Stephens
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