September 16, 2013 – Tocando puertas, parasitos, y demasiado ingles

Dear The Fam,

We had two people in church yesterday!!! And we{ve started doing this thing we we want to invite like a billion people to church every week, so I{ve been contacting more than ever in my mission. It{s pretty sweet, and I{ve knocked more doors than ever before. Yay for searching for more investigadores!
Sister hamblin might have a parasite! Which is funny because I{M the one that brushes her teeth with the normal water…hehehe. Really it{s perfectly fine that she might have a parasite, because it means she has to go to the doctor, so we get to go to Xela! and go paquiando! (thrift-store shopping)

Being with a gringa is messing me up. Yesterday we came across the elders when we were knocking doors, so I asked them ¨Hey, have yall knocked this door already?¨ and then E brazillian asked ¨perdon?¨ and I said ¨Have yall already knocked this door?¨ and then Hna Hamblin said ¨Hermana…you´re speaking in english.¨ and I laughed my head off and asked ¨jajajaja lo siento elderes, no han tocado esta puerta antes, verdad?¨
And then later that day I offered to help this old lady with her super tiny grocery bag and she was like ¨nah…I think I{m good¨ and the elders saw the whole thing and were just laughing at us-slash-really-just-me. ….jiotes.
DO I remember treasure cove and peter rabbits math garden!!!! Hahaha oh mom, ¨I remember you loved those games.  Well, now Sara’s kids will be enjoying them.¨ This is the kind of love and support I get while I{m off serving the Lord… Thanks for not getting rid of my books.
I love chocopanda. And in the other picture, hermana hamblin{s really cute and everything (judging by all the catcalls), but what you REALLY need to pay attention to is the bread in the background. It{s in the shape of TURTLES! The bread here is amazing.
I love you all! I love being here! I love the scriptures and the Gospel and I{m so grateful for the opportunity to be here in San Mateo. The Lord really knows us in and out, and knows what we need and how to succor his people. (Alma 7. Just read the whole chapter, it{s awesome.)
Con amor,
Hermana Stephens


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