September 2, 2013 – trabajando con miembros! Picture with my district in Salcaja with Hermana Mejia

Dear The Fam,

WATO IS PREGNANT????!!!!!!! I just shouted ¨WHAT!!¨ in the internet cafe where I{m at rightnow. AHHHH MORE SOBRINOS!!!!!!!! and TWO MAYBE?? YESSSS!!!! Ohman I{m going to do so much babysitting for y{ all when I get home. Chris, lovin your narration.
thispast week was rockin. (this keyboardi s funky,don{tjudge me.) We went out with members almost every day (yeah, we were practically begging mostdays), and the best news ever is that we found Gilmar!!! He{sthe cousin of somemembers here in Salcaj{a and he{s basically been adry member for years, and he{s goingt ob e baptized this coming Saturday!!! He{s a big huge fan of One Direction ( and by that I mean he{s both big and huge, and that he{s a big fan of onedirection. He{s like, many inches taller than me, and he{s only 15 years old. You have no idea how rare that is here.)

This past week in district meeting we analyzed Matthew 5:19, and all gave each other machetes (o sea, we kinda reprimanded each other) to be more obedient and everything, and then our district leader said that really this scripture can be a machete, but it also has a huge message of hope: that we don{t have to be perfect to make it to the kingdom of heaven (or, the celestial kingdom). Exact obedience will make us even happier and more comfortable in God{s presence, but you don{t have to be perfect to make it to the celestial kingdom. Righteous,right?? I hope that interpretation of the scripture made sense. It{s something I{ve been pondering like, all week. Along with the idea of grace (thank you, Shalysse, i mean Sister Bennett): Christ did everything us, but that doesn{t mean we don{t have to do anything. He paidthe price, nso now He can set His own set of demands,such as fe, arrepentimiento, bautismo, recibir el don del espiritu santo, y perseverar hasta el fin. He filled the whole gap that exists between us and perfection, and gave us this gift (gratis!) that we{re ALL going to be resurrected. What depends on our obedience is what kind of body we{ll be resurrected with (1 corinth 15:40-42) and how comfortable we{ll be in His presence in judgment day.
I have to go! But I love you all! Oh, here{s a picture of us and our district plus the other hermanas from our zone.we went to Baul today! It{s a mountain. With slides!  And I taught some elders and my comp ERS and creamed everyone. Esooooo.
Hermana Stephens
p.s. most useful palabra ever: jiote. (something like eedjit)


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