December 30, 2013 – eres tu jose?

Dear the Fam,

FELIZ AÑO NUEVO! Man time is so short, but this past week was fantastic even though nobody was home and even less people were in the calle. the night of the 24th there were SO MANY RIDICULOUS FIREWORKS I have seriously never seen so many in my entire life (that´s right, we went up to the roof to see all the fireworks at midnight and it was just magical). Talked to the fam and it was so great to see you all!!! Or at least hear your voice! WATO YOU´RE SO PREGNANT I STILL CAN´T GET OVER IT. In the baptisms in our current ward we always sing a song so my piano skillz have been coming in handy, I guess all those hours messing around playing chords to diff songs when I was young (hace mil años ja) is finally coming in handy.
Last minute on Friday they told us we had a zone conference the next day (OOH ALSO we went to the temple on friday and it was WONDERFUL) and Pres Bautista gave us a ton of advice that was awesome so I thought I´d share a part of it with you. Here´s what I wrote down:
If you want the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, PURIFÍQUESE–con ayuno y oración, vaya a la casa y haga una lista de todas las cosas you do that drive away the Spirit, y haga un ayuno de estas cosas por 40 dias. Ofrezca algo de su carácter (chisme, enojo, no levantar a tiempo)–las cosas pequeñas that you´re still digno to enter the temple but you know God doesn´t like. Y luego, aprovechar la santa cena. Romanos 8:8.
Hermana StephensImage
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