February 5, 2014 – Good News! I get to kill Arroyito!

Dear The Fam,

Time is short aaaand we have like a billion invitations to family home evenings tonight so we gotta get going, but this week was awesome! The work is really progressing here in La Esperanza and I`m loving it! And on Saturday we got invited to a girl member`s birthday party with delicious cake (more ¨que lo muerda!¨ every time I hear ¨ya queremos pastel! chocolate tambien! aunque sea un pedacito pero queremos pastel!¨ my mouth starts to water…) and we met a ton of their family members and taught them about the gospel and they were really interested and some came to church the next day. Awesome. And today we have a noche de hogar with the same famblee, hollaaaaa. So excited. (plus the mom is going to make pizza. make it.) And we`re going to go make tacos with another family tonight. I`ve eaten enough tacos to last a lifetime, and did y`all know that tacos from a mexicana are way different than tacos from tacotime? Like….they taste good.
Transfers are tomorrow, but we don`t have transfers! Whoo hoo! Everybody pray so that I`ll get to finish my mission here. It`s only 7 months more…it`s been done before. (p.s. I complete 11 months in the mission on February 6th. CRAZY.)
I feel like I`ve talked a lot about food in this email. Seriously though this was a great week and we`re seeing so many miracles here in La Esperanza. We`re just putting everything we can into this ward and I know that God is blessing us and this area. I love this work, I love the Gospel, and I love my Lord. In the last reunion de lideres with Pte Bautista on Tuesday he talked about how the brother of Jared just gave everything he could, and then God sanctified his efforts (favorite scripture right now = D&C 123:15-17). If MM`s best effort had been sticks instead of stones, then God would`ve sanctified his efforts just the same. That is grace, and that is God`s love.
Love you all.
Hermana Stephens


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