January 20, 2014 – I know Him. I know His voice

Dear The Fam,

This week we have had incredible experiences. On Saturday we had a conference with the whole mission and Elder Cook (of the 12) came and I shook his hand and when he spoke the Spirit was so strong. When he bore special witness of our Savior it was so clear and sincere and strong. I don´t have all my notes with me, but maybe next week I´ll send them. Seriously it was one of the most amazing experiences I´ve had…like sitting at the feet of Jesus Christ Himself. When he spoke, he said ¨I feel impressed to speak more about your purpose, and I try to follow the impressions of the Holy Ghost¨ and then he talked directly to us about exactly what we needed to hear.

KEVIN DE LEON is going to be baptized this Saturday. He is so excited and it´s so awesome to see the faith he is exercising. He doesn´t understand everything yet (yesterday when we were planning the baptismal agenda, Arroyo and I were joking about singing a hymn that has the word ¨Jehovah¨ in the title… ¨yeah, let´s sing ¨Jehovah is Jesus¨ as the first hymn!¨) but he knows that he has felt the Spirit as he has been going to church and reading the Book of Mormon. He believes. He knows enough.
And thennnn come Hector and Maria, who just give me headaches. But Maria is SO GOOD and she loves reading the Book of Mormon and principios del evangelio and going to church. And Hector comes to church too, the only problem is that he´s a terrible machista man. And they´re not married… and I´m not sure I want them to get married. Los hombres en serio no la hacen a veces.
But the Spirit has been with us a lot this week and we´ve really seen some miracles. I love this Gospel and I love my Lord. I know that He loves us and watches over us. I know that this is His church, the only way to make it back to His presence and be the type of person who wants to stay there. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, the most correct of any book. It has changed my life. I hope to be an instrument in God´s hands for the salvation of many souls.
Hermana Jessie StephensImageImageImage
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