February 10, 2014 – Repentance, Matthew, and ASL

Dear The Family,

Hey, this week was grrrrreat! Minus Wednesday, Wednesday stunk. A recent convert drank again on Wednesday and it was the saddest thing. But we talked to him the next day, he was all crying and it was the most beautiful repentence process I´ve ever seen, he was so sincere, and basically he´s just the best person ever. But it was really depressing…we got blessings on Thursday and I really felt like the Lord was speaking directly to me. He knows me in and out, and He knew just what I needed to hear.
Whoa, I just realized that it was last Tuesday when cambios happened. Seems like forever ago. Remember how I told y´all we were really happy because we weren´t going to have cambios? Surprise! The assistants told us Tuesday morning Cornejo had cambio so now it´s just Arroyito y yo otra vez. Pobre Rarbbit was crying a lot. We were the best trio ever.
In short, the work is going really great. I realized this past week some things I needed to change and I changed them and the Lord has blessed us in full as a result. We´ve really seen some miracles: the process of repentance (he even brought his tio to church, tan pilas este joven en serio), investigators who i didn´t think would progress coming to church, and a ton of references that are actually pretty positivas. I love the mission!
Hermana Stephens
p.s. It´s taken like 3 weeks, but today I finally armé el cubo de Rubik. And then I did it like 3 more times. I am THE BEST. It must be true, because today I asked a magic 8 ball if I was the best and it said ¨most likely.¨
p.s. We realized this past week that the secret to getting a certain investigator to open up was FUTBOL. So we´ve been playing in the mornings and talking about Barce and Real (I know nothing, but yo voy a REAL!), and man…..I am awful at sports. Like, truly terribly awful. But my comp is kinda teaching me. Aun asi, it´s…embarrassing.
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