Jan. 13, 2014 – I have dreamed about this TJ every night this week.

Dear the fam!

Story time: Elder Martino (I think) of the area presidency of central america told his conversion story a while ago when my comp was in the mission but I wasn´t, and she told it to me. He had been investigating the church for like 8 months and had a ton of doubts and one of them was ¨Why can blacks have the priesthood¨ (yes, he was pretty racist back then apparently). So he wanted the elders to explain it to them and they told him they would give him the answer when he had read all of the book of mormon. So he did it (in like 3 days I think) and told the elders he wanted the answer to his question, and the elder told him, ¨all right, the answer is, why should you care?¨ or ¨que le importa?¨ which is pretty strong in spanish. And Elder Martino says he felt a little angry at first but then realized the elder was right, it DIDn´t matter. All that mattered was to know the Book of Mormon was true, and if that blessed book is true, everything else is too.

And that´s what we´re trying to help Kevin (testigo de jehova) understand. He told us on Saturday that it´s time, and he knows he needs to be baptized and that that is what God has been trying to tell him all this time, but he has been stubborn, but he can no longer deny what he´s felt. But he wants to wait until February 7th to be baptized (because he ¨likes important dates in his life to fall on the number seven¨) but I just know that if he waits a month to act, his faith will falter. He´ll just be giving Satan a wedge into his life. Man he has a ton of dudas but he just needs to ¨stoke the flames of his faith¨ and ¨doubt his doubts before he doubts his faith¨ as Elder Holland says.
Please pray for Kevin. This hooligan is incredible, but he needs a miracle to help him take this step of faith.
Other than that, we´re just looking for the escogidos and trabajando duro. Love you all. I love this work. p..s Elder COOK is going to come visit this mission this Saturday!! How awesome is that!
Hermana Stephens
p.s. funny story, we were in a lesson (with kevin) in the house of some awesome members, and like 20 minutes in the papa-member says ¨did y´all feel that?¨ and I thought ¨what, the Spirit? yes.¨ but then I realized it was an earthquake. No big deal, just one of the many earthquakes that happen here.
P.S. They just announced that our new mission president in July will be Rick L. Smith. Hope he´s as fantastic as President Bautista!Image
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