March 10, 2014 – trio, Celeste`s still pilas, Alex fijar-ed, ¨I was in JAIL in Virginia!¨

Dear The Fam,Ooookay, this was the CRAZIEST week. Last Monday night they called us to tell us they`re going to close an area of hermanas in our zone and we`re going to be in a trio with one of them for chambon-ness and we needed to help her. So on Tuesday she moved in with us, we helped her, had a good week, and they just transfered again her this morning. So that was fast. When I logged into email I said to McGill ¨whoa…my family doesn`t even know who Sanchez is.¨ It just all happened so fast. So that was numero uno for the craziest week.
Numero dos: I went with some other hermanas who are having trouble in their area and just contacted all day, trying to get new people who want to listen to them, and the next day we did weekly planning together and made some good goals with them and they are really turning things around! They are two really sweet sisters who I love a ton, who just need to be a little more audacious and fiesty about inviting and committing. They`re so great, the day after I went with them they put two fechas metas with two girls!
THEN when I got back to my area after that, McGill and Sanchez told me that Rudy (our awesome pilas investigator) was bolo on Wednesday, and since then we haven`t seen him. He was going to be baptized on Saturday. I cried….It was the saddest thing ever.
And also while I was gone my comps reviewed the word of wisdom with our other investigator Felipe and he pulled out an entire bag of marijuana and said ¨I really want to change, please take this, I don`t want it anymore.¨ What?! So that night my comps got home and pulled out MARIJUANA from their bag and were like ¨…what do we do with this?¨ So they smoked it. JUST KIDDING. They tossed it.

I completed a year on the mission on Thursday. Can you BELIEVE that?? Wednesday night, when I was with the other sisters, they ordered pizza for me. Dawwww 🙂 And then I got home and my comps had made cards for me and it was all adorable.

And then on Friday we went with the MOST ADORABLE AND AMABLE FAMILY. La familia Samayoa, seriously they are the BEST people. And they came to an activity in the church!!!!! Please pray for them, I want them to be sealed one day in the temple so they can be even happier than they already are!!

A la, I forgot to tell you about a huge esneik we found contacting. We were teaching Amadeo in his tienda when this dude came with a girl and they were speaking english so we started talking to them and the dude was like ¨where are y`all from?¨ (paraphrasing–he definitely did not use the word y´all) and my comp said ¨I`m from Virginia!¨ and he said — wait for it — ¨Aw, nice, I was in JAIL in Virginia!¨ all happy and chill about it. And then he hit on me a ton. We haven`t seen him since.

And then today we found out about a big problem with some other hermanas in our zone so we`re going to do divisions with them tomorrow. As McGill says ¨this is stressing me out so bad¨ haha. Remember before the mission, when things were all calm all the time and I only had to worry about myself? Thank goodness it`s not like that anymore.

Something I learned this week: Alma 2 — when people leave the Gospel, they rarely stay neutral. Like the Amlicites, they almost always join forces with the Lamanites. There are only two churches (1 Nephi 14:10). Things are a lot more black and white than they seem to the wicked.

Love you all.

Hermana Stephens

p.s. Jarcob, do you know this old lady? She knows every missionary who has been in Huehue for the past 50 years. I asked if she knew a redhead elder Morrill and she said ¨yo digo que si.¨ImageImage

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