March 17, 2014 – Perdón with prado, Alex`s baptism

Dear The Fam,

I had the greatest experience with forgiveness this past week. After reading ¨Prayer: Try Again¨ I realized that I needed to start praying morning and night if I really wanted God`s help with praying this person. And then of course God gave me the opportunity to see her again and to serve her and I was scared but I did it anyways and found that in the time that has passed since the last time I had seen her, I`ve changed and I`m not afraid anymore. Maybe this doesn`t make any sense, but the point is, I guess I`m figuring out why God sent me to Huehue again. He gave me the chance to serve her, and as I did that, He helped me love her and forgive her. It`s just funny how everything works out so perfectly. So…coincidentally. But I know it`s not coincidence. It`s a divine plan. 

Talking it over with my comp afterward, she said something really profound: ¨I hate it when people say ¨they give really good machete, so dele.¨ The thing is we´re not here to be a better you.  We´re here to be more like the Savior. Did he ever speak sharply from anger? Then neither should anybody else.¨ Puchis. We`re just here to be more like the Savior! And much of the knowledge that was lost during the Great Apostasy was what God is like, what His character is. That`s why the Restauration is so important–we can`t love someone we don`t know, and we`re here to love Him more than anyone or anything. And the restored church is what teaches us what He is like so we can love Him, so we can really follow Him.

Alex`s baptism was SO BEAUTIFUL. President Bautista came to baptise him, and he and his family all bore testimony afterward. I can`t wait until they can be sealed in a year.

Celeste is doing great!!! She doesn`t have a lot of family support and I don`t even know if anyone is going to come to her baptism on Thursday. But we`re praying to figure out how to help not just her, but her abuelita and her brothers too.

Hermana McGill STILL DOESN`T HAVE CHANGES. YES! Obviously prayer works… 🙂 But seriously, she`s been in this area for 8.5 months. And it`s her first area. So we`re thinking she`ll only be here for a couple more weeks, but we`re going to live it up until then.

That dang Samayoa family is still just as amable and perfect as ever, the only problem is they go to their pueblo on the weekends so they can`t come to church 😦 We need a miracle with them. Just LOOK at that foto of the boy playing the guitarron! Just look at how awesome and wonderful they are!

I love the Gospel! I know that it`s the truth and I`m so grateful to be here proclaiming it.


Hermana Stephens



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