March 3, 2014 – LdM, pants, milagros color Celeste

Dear The Fam,

All is well in Cerrito! We had a miracle new investigator last week named Celeste who we found contacting in the street who is progressing really quickly. We were walking to a visit and we passed this girl who was sitting on the side of the street (in the exact same location where a week earlier we had been horribly rejected) and we passed this girl and McGill and I just kind of looked at each other and I asked ¨is that the same girl as last week?¨ and McGill said ¨I don`t think so….let`s go talk to her´ so we talked to her and invited her to mutual and that`s how it all started. Beautiful. And then we have Rudy, who is so sincerely wanting to come to Christ. He struggles with coffee, alcohol, and tobacco, but told us how the other day he was at a family gathering and they served coffee and he told them he couldn`t drink it! And they gave it to him anyways and told him not to be rude, but cabal, someone called him and he left the room to answer the phone call and poured out his coffee on a plant so he wouldn`t have to drink it. So many miracles are happening!
In the Gospel Principles class on Sunday we talked about talents and Celeste said her talent is ¨esgrima¨ and everybody was like ¨ah, that`s so cool muchᨠand McGill and I were like…¨what the heck is that.¨ But then I looked it up in the dictionary later and it`s FENCING. Never thought I´d have to know that word as a missionary in Guatemala.
Love you all! Here are some fun photos. 🙂 Of Arroyo and me before changes, then of McGill and me, then all of us at the leader meeting last week. Arroyito goes home in TWO WEEKS. Can you believe that?? Get ON that, Andle.
Hermana StephensImageImageImageImageImage
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