March 31, 2014 – Templo, Felipe´s crazy, I love the Garcia family

Dear the fam,

Life is CRAZY BUSY!!! But so happy. Sorry I didn´t write last week, I was trying to figure out my class schedule for fall semester. In the past two weeks, Celeste Abigail Gomez Galindo got baptized and it was SO BEAUTIFUL and she was SO HAPPY. The Sunday afterward she got confirmed and all she said when she came back down to sit next to me on the bench was ¨wow…..que calidad.¨ Then we got to go to the temple because I completed a year in the mission and it was the mostbeautiful experience. I just love listening to all the blessings God promises us in the temple.
Also we started a mini mission one-week program with the youth here! We started with a fireside yesterday. I´m attaching the outline and other documents we created so you can look at it. ….even though it´s all in Spanish.
Who loved the Women´s Conference on Saturday? Me plus my comp plus our investigators, that´s for sure. Pretty sure watching that conference and hearing about how important covenants really are is what spurred Alejandra 1 to tell us on Sundayshe finally wants to get baptized. So THAT´s awesome. And who is super excited for General Conference this weekend? And who is so stoked that JASON GOT HIS MISSION CALL??
I think I studied Alma 5 like this whole week. Man there´s some good stuff in that chapter. Y´all should read it. I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON! 
Today is my favorite old chapina lady´s birthday. I love Gloria (picture attached). ALSO I love these two faithful 9-year-old twins Darshamy y Osleidy who their family is so awesome and hopefully is coming to General Conference this week!
And I love you! I hope you have a wonderful wonderful week and you´re in my prayers.
Hermana Stephens
p.s. Funniest thing ever. We were on divisions and teaching Felipe and I asked him what repentance was and he said ¨To recognize that you´ve done wrong.¨ I said, ¨Yes, and then what?¨ ¨…And then you get baptized.¨ hahahahaha well… yes, Felipe. That´s true. Good.


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