April 7, 2014 – CG, Jorge is so pilas, Darshamy y Osleidy are cuter than two 9-year-old Guatemalan twins…wait, that´s what they are.

Happy Monday!

Just real quick, because ya me agarro la tarde and pretty soon we have to go talk to a lawyer about a divorce.
I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE. Jorge came to every single session and afterward I asked him ¨do you have any questions?¨ and he said ¨nope!¨ ¨Did you get any answers?¨ ¨YES.¨ Earlier in the week a nonmember had talked to him about how we ¨talk to the dead¨ (sidenote for nonmormons who read this blog: we don´t talk to the dead.) and so he had that question and we mas-o-menos explained the vicarious work for the dead to him real quick but then that whole talk in conference about baptisms for the dead just got him SO excited and now he can´t wait to be baptized for his dad and he´s just incredible. Talk about searching with real intent! Seek and ye shall find! Or, as I misquoted it earlier this week, ¨Preguntad, y hallareis¨ hahahah.
I love this work! I love teaching and just sharing the Gospel with those who open their homes and their hearts to us! Y´all should all tell me about missionary experiences you have this week. I dare you to invite someone to listen to the missionaries this week! Double dog dare.
Bueno. Love you all. Have a wonderful week!
Hermana Stephens
p.s. yesterday I completed 13 months in the field. WHAT.
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