April 29, 2014 – Conferencia with Elder Clark and ¨Gracias a Él¨

Dear familia,ImageImageImageImage

Yesterday we had an incredible multi-zone conference all day with Elder Clark of the seventy and today we had another with just some of the missionaries, here in Xela. And since my companion has changes tomorrow (insert sad face here) we`re just staying here in Xela and then tomorrow I`ll go back up to Huehue with my new comp. Who knooooows who it will be! She`s going to be great though, I`m sure, because I`ve been praying for her for the past week. ¨If McGill has changes, please bless my new comp…¨ I`m so grateful for this time I`ve been able to learn here with Hna McGill and she`s going to do incredible things in La Esperanza. God just knows perfectly who we need to be with and when, and I love Him for knowing me perfectly and letting me have this opportunity to be with someone as kind, patient, pilas, trabajadora, obedient, charitable, and faithful as McGilligan. 🙂 Our Heavenly Father really does know exactly who we are, what we need and when.
So because of all that craziness, they made p-day today so that`s why I`m emailing Tuesday night instead of Monday day. I promise I`m not chambona 🙂
I wish I could share everything I`ve learned in the past week and just yesterday and today as well. Here`s a couple:
We had an INCREDIBLE training meeting with the hermanas in our zone on Thursday (was that really Thursday? seems like mil años ago). It was SO spiritual. The theme we chose was ¨Venid a Mí¨ and McGill gave a great talk and the assistents came and talked about covenants and faith and we watched the ¨Because of Him¨ video. Everyone was in tears. We had a special musical number and I ended with a talk about ¨Ven, sígueme.¨ (Thanks papa for the talks you sent me about Zeezrom last week. That was exactly what I and my hermanas needed. And the ¨Because of Him¨ video was so beautiful and so perfect. Way to follow the Spirit.) And it was such a miracle that we could even watch that video because the chico at the internet was so slow and ended up putting it on a USB and the DVD player we had in the chapel didn`t have a place to put USB in, so it was literally 5 minutes before the meeting was going to start and we said a prayer and left the chapel to find a DVD player that had a USB entrance. The third door we knocked a lady answered and said ¨for sure you can borrow my DVD player!¨ and just gave it to us. Miracle.
Luís is learning and doing so well! He had this doubt about the Book of Mormon. He thought the Bible should be used more. He came to church, prayed about it, read what we left him, and yesterday in our lesson with him we asked if he thought it was the word of God and he said without a doubt yes. Talk about ¨and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart…¨
Most important thing I got out of the conference with Elder Clark yesterday and today: I have got to focus more on families. Random young single adults are good but go inactive so much. Families is where it`s harder for Satan to get in.
I love you all dearly. I love the mission. I can`t believe time is going by so quickly… they sent me my plan de revelo yesterday. I don`t know what that`s called in English but it means that the time is slipping out of my hands and it`s giving me panic attacks. 🙂
Hermana Stephens
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