May 19, 2014 – End of semana de la familia. Obishop relevar´ed.

Dear Family,

We had the most incredible experience earlier this week. We contacted this lady selling bread in the street and both felt oddly good about her afterward, and went to visit her the next day though we didn´t know exactly where she lived. The first door we contacted we met this super nice lady named Ana Maria and put a cita for Saturday. The next door we knocked was bread lady, but she wasn´t actually that awesome. We returned on Saturday and Ana Maria wasn´t there but her daughter and her daughter´s husband and their son were there. They let us in their house and we shared a message with them about the Proclamation to the World. We talked about how family relations aren´t meant to end at death, and Ana asked ¨How can we be together forever¨ so we taught the doctrine of Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, receive the Holy Ghost, perseverar hasta el fin) and Ana asked ¨how do you know if the person who baptises or marries you has the authority of God? Lots of pastors claim to have that authority, how do you know if they really do?¨ so we taught a mini-Restoration and told them to pray. We invited them to church and they want to, it´s just that Ana goes to the mercado on Sunday. But Jose, her husband, really really wants to come. Puchica, when we taught about ¨until death do you part¨ they both exchanged looks. They had talked about that before. We challenged them to baptism too and they said they just wanted to learn more and meet more members. Yes, all of that was on the first visit. We got out of there and said ¨What just HAPPENED?¨ We have high hopes for this family God led us to.
Luis is still SO PILAS! puchicaaaaaaaaaaa. Frustratingly pilas. He says he still hasn´t gotten an answer to know for sure if the church has been restored through Joseph Smith, but oh man is he cumpliendo con sus compromisos. He came to church on Sunday solito, we didn´t even call him, he just came. Late, but he came. We asked him yesterday ¨why are you listeining to us? Why are you coming to church¨ and he said ¨I don´t know…but I woke up this morning and it was already 8:15 and I said should I go to church or not… and I came.¨ We taught him the word of wisdom and he´s going to start obeying it, trying to experimentar with the palabra like it says in Alma 32 as a way of getting an answer. And heloves coffee. But he´s giving it up. Everybody pray so that he can have a ¨clear answer¨ as he says he needs.
We saw Felipe yesterday. Remember him? Crazy crazy Felipe? at the end of our conversation he said ¨I only know one thing…what comes down from heaven must go back up.¨ What? Still just as crazy as ever.
This picture is of our best menos activa friend Gloria. She loves English and can´t see or hear very well, so we always scream at her in English when we visit her.
MARVIN IS SO AWESOME. Did I tell y´all about Marvin??? He´s a miracle. So many miracles! Such proof that this really is the Lord´s work, it´s all in His hands. He´s a reference from forty thousand members (he just got out of prison like almost 2 weeks ago) and he´s going to be baptized on the 31st. So that´s neat.
I love Preach My Gospel! We studied chapter 4 this week for Luis and it´s the greatest. I don´t have my notes soooooo maybe next week I´ll tell you specific things. Also I love Ammon. Bien chilero.
Something sad happened in our ward, and we don´t have a bishop anymore. Stake Pres came and gave the whole world a machete and started crying at the pulpit…it was really sad. He talked about what Jesus´s response was when he was hit. It wasn´t to hit back, it was ¨por que me pegas?¨ and how Pte Hinckley said once something like how the greatest skill we can develop is self-control.
Also something I learned: el abecedario del evangelio es o, b, d, c. Get it?? Super clever.
I love you all! Have a wonderful week!
Con amor,
Hermana StephensImageImage
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