May 26, 2014 – ¨We want to be a together family of baptized people!¨ -Angelines´s kids to her, paraphrased

I think I´ll just share the most incredible experience of the week just de una vez. Maybe more accurately described ¨one of the most incredible experiences in my whole mission.¨ Or my whole life.
Yesterday we had the most beautifully spiritual lesson with Luís. This joven (20 years old) is so sincere and really believes the church is true. We contacted him in the calle and he has now come to church 6 times seguidos, has a TON of friends in church and comes to all the activities. We have taught him L1, L2, L3 and the Word of Wisdom, but he never accepted a fecha (he was baptized 2 years ago in the Evangelical church his family goes to) until last night we taught him in the house of an ex-missionary friend of his. The lesson was kind of impromptu so we didn´t really have a plan, we just knew we wanted to watch ¨Gracias a El¨ (Because of Him), and while we were in there I felt the impression to read a scripture in the Book of Mormon that had hit me really hard a few days ago in my study and that we had then spent a while discussing in companionship: Alma 22:14. So we watched ¨Gracias a El¨ and read Alma 22:14 and explained in detail what Christ´s Atonement does for us (makes it possible for us to be clean of our sins, and be resurrected after this life). 
Then Richards jumps in totally on the same train of thought (talk about the Spirit leading us both in the same direction) and we read Alma 22:15-18 and talked about what Luis can do for Christ now. The member bore his testimony (that lasted like 45 minutes but totally worth it. He discussed Acts 8:31, 36-38 and then Mateo 3:13-17), we asked Luis ¨Seguirá el ejemplo de Jesucristo al ser bautizado por alguien que posea la autoridad de Dios?¨ and he said ¨yes¨ in the most sincere solemn way. First time he has said yes to that question. Before he always said he wasn´t sure yet because he hadn´t gotten an answer about the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, etc. I knew he was going to say yes. We challenged him to be baptized this Saturday and he said he didn´t know…He´s afraid of his family. We got him to pray right then and there in the lesson to ask God if it was right (Richards you genius). Most sincere, humble prayer. He cried. And he´s not a cryer. Afterward we asked if he had asked that question before and he said yes. So we read DyC 6:22-23. He said he felt scared.  We all cried in that lesson, and he wants to be baptized so bad, but he´s just afraid of his family. 
Tonight we´re going to have a Noche de Hogar with the JAS from the barrio who we have always used in lessons with him to hermanar him and they´re now all his best friends. I know he will be baptized this Saturday. It´s hard to see someone struggling with their family in that way but I know that if he is baptized and serves a mission and goes to the temple this will only help his family, even though right now it seems the opposite. He told us that on Saturday there was a fight in his family because he´s been going to the Mormon church. But that didn´t stop him from coming to church on Sunday, much the opposite, he actually llegue´d with a saco. I mean he got there with a suitcoat. Last night after planning and giving and getting dats I asked Richards ¨Why was it so easy for us? Why were we born into such great families?¨ and we came to the conclusion that it´s like with trees: wind and opposition makes roots grow deeper. Luis has some deep roots. Pray for him to have courage.
Oooh! Also, we challenged Elida to baptism yesterday walking her home after church and she said yes and wants to be baptized on the 14th, she just has to ask her husband (who lives in the Estados) for permission. She told us she believes that Joseph Smith was the prophet that restored the true church of Christ. Afterward we were like ¨…how does she KNOW that??¨ She can´t read. She´s only been to church once. But we have very thoroughly taught the Restoration to her, using scriptures and examples and we watched the video of the Restoration. In Sunday School the teacher asked her ¨What happened to the church after Christ left the earth?¨ and we said ¨Remember the cups and the spoons¨ and she said ¨oh! La iglesia se cayó!¨ Fácil. That just gave me a testimony of really teaching to the understanding of the people. One time a little while ago we visited her after having taught her about Joseph Smith and she said without us even asking her ¨I was thinking this morning about that joven, and I really think he saw God and Jesus Christ.¨ She has never gone to school before ever. Just goes to show that only faith and real intent matter. Hence why God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ appeared to an unlearned 14-year old boy in the first place.
So those are a few of the miracles. We visited a family of active members this week whose friends were going to come for a noche do hogar but didn´t end up coming…But it was good to get to know the family, especially Grandpa Francisco, who is maybe the only Chapín I´ve met who has an incredible gift for harmonizing, so we spent a while singing hymns together. So fun! And we read from Preach My Gospel with them; that was really very special. Y´all should read Preach My Gospel. Will you read it every day this week and send me something you learned before next Monday?
Love you all SO very much. Allí se cuidan!
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