May 5, 2014 – 84. Everybody needs this.

Dear the fam,Image

Yet another gringa in Cerrito del Maíz! jaja. But really… Gloria, our old menos activa lady friend who knows English said when she saw her ¨You came back!!!¨ thinking that it was McGill. Which is doubly funny because she did the same thing when I got there, thinking I was Hermana Call, the gringa before me. Gloria loves gringas. But seriously Hermana Richards, my new comp, is SO GREAT. Why do they give all the greatest comps to me??
This week was fantastic. Just so many things that worked out perfectly. Like we were going to do this contacting activity with our zone Saturday morning but then everybody cancelled so we decided to postpone it mejor. So instead we went to visit this investigator we hadn´t seen in forever who lives in Terrero Alto, and it turns out she moved to Xela, BUT we met her sister, who is SUPER POSITIVE. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and challenged her to baptism (if she gets a respuesta) and she said yes and accepted a fecha meta and she´s just so kind and good and wants to come to church.
Also Antonio (recien converso) was feeling a little down and not really with ganas to go to church and we brought him with us to a few citas and then he came to church on Sunday 🙂 Serving other people helps us remember why going to church is so important.
Funny. We visited a lady who turned out to really need it and after she told us her whole crazy life story and we left her house Richards and I turned to each other and I said ¨I can´t figure out if she´s crazy or positive¨ and Richards said ¨maybe she´s both.¨ Crazy people need the Gospel too.
This week I studied chapter 8 in Preach My Gospel and have realized even more that this time is so precious. Aprovéchelo. What did y´all learn in Preach My Gospel this week?
I love you all so much. I know the Book of Mormon is true and it is the keystone of our religion. The doctrine is perfect. The plan has been prepared from the very beginning. God is our loving Heavenly Father… People need to have this light in their lives.
Hermana Stephens
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