Dear Family,

I wish there were sufficient time to write about all of the incredible miracles we saw this week. En sí, Luís Mendoza and Élida Vásquez were both baptized on Saturday and it was so beautiful. Seeing them making covenants with the Lord was one of the sweetest most spiritual moments of my mission. They have both overcome so much opposition to be baptized in the true church of God, and their testimonies are so strong. They both cried during the baptismal service. Storms and wind make roots grow stronger. The most incredible miracle with Élida happened on Wednesday: her husband (who lives in the States) told her ¨bueno, si te queres bautizar, bautizate.¨ When she bore her testimony at her baptism she started crying when she spoke of her husband´s permision. Luís visited investigators with us on Friday and wants to serve a mission so badly. Luís has really repented of everything (especially drinking) and he loves reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church.
Saturday morning we FOUND RUDY! Do you remember him?? The Rudy that was going to be baptized and then disappeared for 3 months? Well we found him, and he came to the baptismal service on Saturday.
Then yesterday Luís and Élida were both confirmed. And we went and visited Élida in the tarde with Hna Claudia and Claudia offered to teach her to read!!! And that´s all Élida has been telling us for so long, how badly she wants to read the Book of Mormon and the Bible and the hymnal.
On Thursday we visited our investigators with Pte Bautista and Hna Bautista and it was just wonderful! We had the most beautiful and perfect lesson with Luís about Lehi´s dream. (I was just about to type ¨Luís´s dream¨ haha. That too.) I love and will miss President so much!
ALSO Thursday was Richards`s birthday! ¨hap-hap-hap-happy birfday!¨ Pao and her family gave us cake yesterday at lunch. 🙂 QUE LO MUERDA!
Also, do y´all remember like two years ago when I tweaked my knee and couldn´t walk for a couple days? That happened on Tuesday. So we did divisions and I stayed in the casa and BORED MYSELF OUT OF MY MIND while Richards got to go teach people. Then Wednesday we were in the house too, but Wednesday night Pte Mendez and Ronaldo came and gave me a blessing and Pte told me I would be able to walk the next day. And I could. A crippled swollen easy-to-make-fun-of walk, but I walked. Thank goodness God has given men the Priesthood.
This was just the best week. How very many small and great miracles God worked. I love Him and this work and I`m so grateful to be a witness and a small part of it.
Hna. Stephens
p.s. In this picture I`m eating small hormigas. I don`t remember what they`re called but they were delicious. Gracias, Guicho.ImageImageImage
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