June 9, 2014 – ¨Por qué tienen algunas personas ojos claros y otras ojos oscuros?¨ – Yaki Ríos

Dear The Fam,ImageImageImageImage

Yesterday we had a neat experience. We were a little sad because we had just found out Luís had drunk (read: we were very sad) (also, why do things like that always happen on Sunday?), and we were walking to visit someone, when I thought to knock a door I hadn´t knocked before, so we went over and knocked it. They didn´t answer. All the lights were off. We knocked again, and a little voice said ¨sí?¨ through the window. so we presented ourselves and the window of the door opened. We explained who we were, and that we wanted to share a message about Jesus Christ. She said she already goes to a church and she couldn´t let us in because she´s afraid of robbers (okay…that´s the lamest excuse ever). So normally I would´ve just peaced, but something whispered to share something anyway. So we sung a hymn, talked about the Book of Mormon and gave her one. She wasn´t that interested. Then I offered to say the prayer at the end and I asked if there was anything she would like me to pray for and she said yes and started crying and talked to us about her family and all their problems. She told us that she had just been praying for them when we knocked her door. So we prayed and promised her blessings if she reads from the Book or Mormon. We´ll see what happens.

Moral of the story: The Spirit doesn´t normally tell us to do the same thing over and over. Pay attention to the whisperings and you´ll normally end up doing something you haven´t done before. Like I hadn´t ever knocked that door. Or I don´t normally share something messages with people who don´t care enough to even let us in. But God obviously wanted us to be there right then, at that moment, to answer the prayer of one of His confused and burdened daughters.
Last week Élida asked us about why she keeps dreaming about her sister who died in January. We told her we´d tell her later, and then a couple days later she reminded us, so this week we taught Élida about vicarious work for the dead in the temples. She cried. She is so so so special. (see foto attached, of her and her daughter Saily).
I love y´all so much! I know that this is God´s work. He directs it and all the glory goes to Him. We really are nothing without His guiding hand. I´m so grateful for His mercy and love and I will praise Him forever. Alma 29:9-13.
Hna Stephens
p.s. The answer I gave to the title was ¨Porque Dios no ama a todos Sus hijos igual.¨ Yaki Ríos is the same loca that thinks my nombre is HENRY.
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