June 23, 2014 – ¨Yo soy Hna Bautista, y yo estuve allí en la misión Quetzaltenango.¨ – Rey Henry V

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Dear Family,
I love the mission!! Can I just tell you?? We had so many wonderful and funny experiences this week. Like we visited Cony and there were 17 thousand niños there who all clapped very exuberantly after we sang ¨Más cerca Dios de ti.¨ You´d think we were MoTab. 🙂
We had a beautiful last multi-zone conference with Pte Bautista and Hna Bautista. It´s so sad they´re making like a tree and leafing. 😦
Update on recent converts: Élida prays to Padre Celestial now instead of to Señor! She just learned that solita! And Luís is now 2nd counselor in the Young Men´s presidency and probably soon will be called as a ward missionary. He´s doing a great job hermanaring all our investigators. I love seeing people progress and change their lives!!

– Alma 36 is all about remembering and forgetting.

– Alma 37 – Professional counterfeit-money-recognizers (that´s a real thing) don´t study the counterfeit bills; they study the real bills.
We saw a lot of small miracles. María and Paola came to the Father´s Day activity. We finally contacted Ana the reference of tortillería Aracely, just randomly passing by and felt like we should go talk to Aracely and cabal allí estaba Ana.
I love the Gospel. I know that God has a perfect plan and He fulfills His promises. When we align our will with His we come to recognize His hand in all things.
I love you all. Have a fantastic week!
Hermana Stephens
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