July 1, 2014 – Cocktail party and I´ll bless this grape later.

Dear Familia,

Yesterday we met the new Presidente Smith and his lovely wife and they just seem like stellar people. Of course we miss Pte and Hna Bautista, but we know that Pte Smith has been called of God and they are just what this mission needs now. They seriously seem like the most kind and humble people; we`re very excited to work with them.

My chafa mercado-bought watch stopped this morning so every little while Richards and I have this conversation: ¨What time is it?¨ ¨7:17…still¨ or ¨Man, it`s already 7:17, we have to get going!¨

Yesterday for the first time we had the we´re-dropping-you talk with an investigator. María is a lovely lovely girl but she doesn´t want to change so we made sure she knows we love her a ton and that if she starts reading the Book of Mormon or wants to visit church, to call us. We left that lesson and walked in silence for a little bit, then said, ¨Well that was chafa.¨ Heartbreaking.

BUT todo por algo, va? Like 2 months ago we found Nancy and Oscar, taught them a couple times then unofficially dropped them because they didn`t seem that interested, and we started visiting their neighbor, who was María! We said that maybe we had found Nancy and Oscar in order to find María. But then a few days ago we randomly had another lesson with Nancy and Oscar and María and the RS Pres, Magdalena. In that lesson Nancy and Oscar expressed interest in learning more and coming to church. So now we´re wondering if we found María in order to refind Nancy and Oscar! We´ll see. We´re hoping this is the family we´ve been looking for.

But if they´re not, we keep looking. Always. Please pray that we can find this family we hope God is preparing for us. Trust in God´s promises. He is both merciful and just. (Alma 50:19-20)

I love you all and I love God. This week, let´s try to ¨remember Him always¨ a little more. (Alma 46:8, 12)


Hna Stephens

p.s. I`m not inicua. I`m writing on Tuesday with permission because yesterday we had to go down to Xela for a ¨cocktail party¨. (Still not inicua! The cocktail party was with Pte Smith and some other missionaries.)

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