July 7, 2014 – Tres estacas en Huehue!

IMG_1062 IMG_1085Dear Family,

Everything is just going grand! So many miracles and spiritual experiences this week! With the multi-zone conference with Pte Smith and his wife, the division of the stakes this weekend with Elder Amado and Elder Arredondo, wonderful studies (the talk ¨Being accepted of the Lord¨ and DyC 97:8 changed my life) and lots and lots of working and finding. We finally contacted Ana-ref-Aracely and she came to church on Sunday!

Élida is so pilas. This weekend they created a third stake in Huehue! The conference was incredible. But it was in a different building that Elida wasn´t familiar with so we organized an sister to go pick her up in car. But that sister isn´t very reliable. She called us – late – Sunday and said it was late and she was just going to go straight to the conference without Elida (what?) so we called Elida and asked where she was and she said she was worried this sister wouldn´t be able to take her so she had just left alone with her daughter to go to the conference and she was already there – 20 minutes early. How she arrived without ever having gone to the building, I have no idea. God´s help.

This morning there was an earthshake! At 5:30am. Two seconds afterward, Luís called and said that he was dreaming he was on the playa and on a hammock and the hammock was swinging back and forth, back and forth…and then he woke up and it wasn´t the hammock–it was the temblor. We called a few hermanas this morning and one of them (Buskita) told us that at 5:35am there was a lady out in the street outside her house shouting ¨Arrepiéntanse!!¨ and niños crying. While they were doing that, I just decided to stay up and watch the sunrise. And because of God´s love and mercy, I ended up having one of the most comforting, affirming spiritual communions with God of my life.

¨If, for a while, the harder you try the harder it gets, take heart. So it has been with the best people who have ever lived.¨ – Elder Holland, ¨The Inconvenient Messiah¨

I love you all and I love my Heavenly Father and His perfect, merciful plan. I know that God forgives sins and strengthens weaknesses and that he does it over and over and over again.


Hermana Stephens

p.s. The funniest thing I´ve ever written in my study journal: ¨As frustrating as my own imperfection and sins may be…at least I´m not as bad off as Ammoron.¨

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