July 14, 2014 – Adoni´s change, Tonio´s mission, Origin, Pedros

Dear Family,

I know I talk about Élida and Luís every email…but they´re just incredible. They both fasted this past Sunday. And Élida´s husband (who is in the U.S.) wants to listen to the missionaries and go to church, so we passed his info as a reference up to Kentucky. What an incredible miracle and change of heart. I hope they contact him quickly!

Also had a great experience with an Hermana on divisions. In comp study we talked about how to repent and apply the Atonement in our lives and I got to share everything I had learned last week about ¨Being Accepted of the Lord.¨ We both received answers and felt the Spirit and tears were shed.

We´re working with an Adoni and his wife and two kids and they´re doing great…It´s just very poco a poco. On Monday we went with them and talked about the family and he said he didn´t want two inexperienced gringas telling him how to raise his family… Sooo the next visit, we brought Fernando Mendez (the recently released 2 counselor of the old stake presidency) to tell him how to raise his family! Jeje. But actually it was a miracle lesson, that one. Turns out they´re both 32 years old with wives (that´s one wife each, people) and two varoncitos and good jobs — they have a lot in common. Adoni actually opened up a lot in that lesson and we could really see a change in him from the first 2 visits. We have high hopes for them.

This week I know more than ever that prayers are answered and felt by the people prayed for (thanks Antonio) and the Atonement has power to redeem and power to enable (thanks Shalysse and Elder Bednar).

I love you all and I love my Lord and my God.

Hermana Stephens

p.s. ¨Pulpo?¨ – José David ¨Huácala!!¨ – Luísfe



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