July 28, 2014 – tres felices tigres y Rudy AGAIN

IMG_1348 IMG_1379 IMG_1402 IMG_1508Dear Familia,

We picked up Rudy again. He left his job because it took too much time. So now he can go to church. And he came yesterday! Rudy went to visit people with us yesterday and he really is so pilas. And he´s finally going to be baptized this Saturday after these almost 6 months I´ve known him. He´s very very excited.

My beautiful wonderful convert Celeste Gomez who hadn´t gone to church for months came yesterday! The members are finally poniendose las pilas, so I don´t think she´ll ever go inactive again. She is so so courageous and one of the best people I know. She wants to serve a mission and she´s so full of faith. Her family one day will all see the light!

ALSO my old investigator who got baptized after I left from barrio el Prado who is now living in Cerrito came to church this Sunday (also after months of not coming)! Yayyy!

We went to visit a new family who moved into the ward on Friday. This was the third time we tried to visit them, and the other two times something always came up and they couldn´t meet with us. But God has a plan, because on Friday a non-member prima was visiting them in their house at the same time we went to visit them, so we had a lesson with her and she´s probably going to be baptized this Saturday or the next. She always come to church, I have no idea why she hasn´t been baptized. But it was definitely divine intervention that those first two citas with this family fell through.

Oh yeah! Forgot to tell you! We have a new companion: Hermana Madrid. (she doesn´t like futbol and doesn´t have an opinion about real or barza though, so hold your horses). She´s wonderful and has 6 months in the mission (remember when I had six months in the mission? Eleven months ago? How time flies) so we´re training her to be a leader and when I leave she´ll stay here in beloved Cerrito. (Also, I totally knew she would be our new comp. When I asked E Bloom who it was going to be he asked me ¨have you prayed yet?¨ so I said ¨haha very funny¨…and then prayed. And she just kinda popped into my head and I said to Richards ¨I think Hna Madrid is going to be our new comp¨ and cabal!) God loves giving me crazy surprise cambios, but I´ve loved every single one of them. I love Hermana Richards and Hermana Madrid!!!

I would love to share everything I learned this week but it´s so much it´s impossible. So here´s some scriptures and commentary:
Hel 15:2. ¨Nunca quiero estar embarazada¨ – Hna Madrid
Hel 16: 4 // Mat 5:14-16
3 Nefi 1:9. Demanding the fulfillment of promises the Lord hasn´t made is a sign of a lack of faith.

Our Heavenly Father really does know us perfectly and gives us what we need, in the very moment we need it. He is so merciful and patient and forgiving. He never forgets us. I love Him and His Gospel, and I am so very grateful for the forgiveness and ennabling power He has allowed me to experience.

I love every one of you.

Hermana Stephens

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