August 4, 2014 – Rudy´s baptism, ¨How can I be like my brother –¨

Querida Familia,

Yesterday was my last fast and testimony meeting*. Luís (my favorite convert, but shhh don´t tell anyone) bore his testimony and it was beautiful. I also bore my testimony (and bawled like a baby). I know that this Gospel is true. I´m so grateful for the Atonement and for repentance every day and for fasting and miracles and opportunities to serve.

*Okay, going over that paragraph, that´s not entirely accurate. It´s my last fast and testimony meeting on the mission. But it certainly feels like my life is coming to an end.

Rudy´s baptism was beautiful. His family came! It was so stark the difference. They got there late, but when they walked in the whole spirit of the occasion changed: felt more complete, more meaningful. Families are so important. And Luís gave a talk and used Preach My Gospel. And Elida got to the church at 5:00 (the baptism started at 6:30 but really 7:00 because of la hora chapina) because she heard wrong. But she stayed the whole 2 hours waiting for it to start, just to apoyar a Rudy.

We went to Xela three times this week, so I took a lot of Nauseol pills. And slept on some random lady´s shoulder. And a sleeping Hna Richards hit her head on the bar of the seat in front of us. That was the most hilarious thing I´ve ever seen.

We´ve seen a lot of progress with Libni and her family. Oh how I love them!! I really hope I can see them baptized. If not, it´s good enough to have seen them progressed and be a part of it.

I love y´all, the Lord, and this work. I love it so much. 3 Nefi 12:4; 17:5, 7. 3 Nefi 4:33.

Hermana StephensIMG_1630

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