August 11, 2014 – ¨Puedo pedir otro favor? que oren por nosotros¨

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Dear the Fam!

Some incredible experiences this week. We talked to Libni about forgiveness and it was such a special spiritual lesson. She had to work Sunday and couldn´t come to church, and then when we visited her Sunday afternoon (in which visit we had planned to teach the Sabbath Day) she told us she was thinking about quitting her job because she didn´t like having to work Sundays. She´s a miracle. We´re going to fast with her this Wednesday so she can be married and baptized in August. I love Libni and her beautiful family!

The Plan of Salvation missionary activity on Friday turned out great! It wasn´t what we expected, but it was very beautiful. The best part was the accidental three different kingdoms of glory rooms at the end, which we hadn´t originally planned but it was absolutely hermoso.

We had some very special experiences teaching menos activos and recent converts this week–Yensy and Carlos, Ashley and Fabi, Celeste, Luís, Antonio. I admire loyal converts so very much. I know that sometimes the straight and narrow is so hard, I know that there will always be strong wind blowing against the path to the tree of life, but I also know that for those people who truly want to change and come to be like Christ, He strengthens and sustains us to be able to resist any temptation the devil uses to attack. If anyone who is reading this is having doubts or thinks that it´s just too hard, I promise you that this is the truth and God does love us and speak to us and He will strengthen and ennable you through the power of Christ´s Atonement to be able to make it through hard times. I know it´s true because I´ve lived it. (3 Nefi 22:7-8)

I´m currently in Xela right now with Hna Cornejo who goes home Wednesday. Tomorrow we´re going to go to the temple and have the last testimony meeting and so on. This is so weird. But today I visited my first convert who I think has been pretty menos-activa for a couple months, but she and her family are going to go to church this Sunday. I love you Ester!

I love you all!

Hna Stephens

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