August 25, 2014 – Moroni 10:34

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Dear Familia,

[[[ First of all, Libni, Brendy and Adoni were not baptized on Saturday. Her husband changed his mind and decided not to marry her, so their baptism fell. It was very sad, but I trust that God has a plan for them. Maybe I didn´t get to baptize this special special family, but we (re)found them, and created a lifelong friendship with them, and witnessed miracles with them, and one day when they are sealed in the temple, I will be there. 🙂 ]]]
It began
in Salcajá.
In this year and a half (shoot, in this past week) I have seen so much and felt so deeply. I have cried of sadness and joy and laughter and love. I have seen the Lord´s hand and I know His voice. I know that He never breaks a promise (Moroni 9:25). I know that He is infinitely kind (3 Nefi 22:10) and endlessly forgiving (Mosiah 26:30). I´ve taught and baptized and seen loyal converts receive the Holy Ghost and endure to the end. I´ve been able to serve my fellow hermanas and see miracles in their spiritual progression and my own.
I cannot express the depth of my joy and gratitude for God´s mercy and His wisdom and grace that divinely plan and powerfully enable. I now know that man is nothing (Moses1:10) and that I am so imperfect, but as I have seen Him do with myself and others, God strengthens weaknesses and cleanses sins. I have loved my mission and enjoyed every minute of it. It has done more for me than anything else could have (such as in learning how to really pray and really study the scriptures and really love and serve other people and Heavenly Father).
Now I know it never ends and I am determined to continue serving my Heavenly Father until the end of my days and beyond.
And it ends
in Cerrito del Maíz.
¨Me despido de todos.¨ Me despido de este país hermoso y querido (las tortillas y los tortrix y las pilas y el quiche, el mam, el kanjobal, el popti) y esta gente hermosa y querida (salca, san mateo, el prado, la esperanza, cerrito del maíz, y mis hermanas misioneras). Los amo y los extrañaré. Sepan que han hecho más por mí que lo que saben. Nunca los olvidaré porque han cambiado mi corazón duro. ¨Nos veremos aun más allᨠ— ¨ante el agradable tribunal del gran Jehová, el Juez Eterno de vivos y muertos.¨ Así sea.
My advice to those who will serve or are currently serving: Alza tu corazón y regocíjate (DyC 31:3). Just love everyone. Love them as fast and as deeply as you can. Love the random bolo in the street and the members and love your companion and love your investigators, and most of all, love God. Because charity shall cover the multitude of sins.
I love you all.
Hermana Stephens
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