Contact Me


Send me a letter! I would love to hear from you! I can’t promise that I will respond, but who knows, you might get lucky.

To write me a letter, you can use (1) regular mail, (2), or (3) pouch mail.

I enter the Missionary Training Center (MTC) on March 6, 2013, and I am there for six weeks. While I am in the MTC, my address is the following (note: please send only letters to this address, not packages):

Sister Jessica Danielle Stephens
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Mission
Guatemala Missionary Training Center
Bulevar Vista Hermosa 23-71
Vista Hermosa I, Zona 15
Guatemala City 01015

Or you can send me a letter using (I know, I’m not an Elder, but don’t worry, the letters still get to me.) Dear Elder is an awesome service for people to send letters to LDS missionaries for free. You don’t have to pay for postage! While I am in the MTC, make sure you select the “Guatemala MTC” option on the drop-down menu under the “Write a Letter” page. After I leave the MTC, make sure to select the “Guatemala Quetzaltenango” option.

After I leave the MTC, if you want to send me a hand-written letter, you can send it to the mission office. Letters will always eventually get to me when you send it to this address. You can also send letters to my actual address, but I won’t know what that is until I leave the MTC. So check my letters! I will tell you what my address is when I find out. Until then, the mission office address is the following:

Sister Jessica Danielle Stephens
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Mission
5A Calle 14-35, Zona 3
09001 Quetzaltenango

Or you can use the pouch service! Quoting LDS Living:

The pouch provides a cheap and reliable mail service to many places where receiving mail is difficult, but be warned! Sometimes, the pouch service can take a LONG TIME and any letters that do not meet the requirements will be returned. The service does not accept envelopes or packages. In order to use the pouch, you have two options: either write a postcard or write a letter on one side of a single sheet of printer paper. If using a piece of paper, fold it into thirds, fastening the top with tape and placing a stamp in the top right corner. Address the sheet to church headquarters:

Name of the missionary
Mission name
P.O. Box 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150


If you want to send me a package at any time while I am in Guatemala, you should send it to the mission office (address above). Note: my birthday is in April…

Be aware that “dutiable merchandise often does not reach its intended destination or, if it does arrive, may be subject to customs duties that the missionary will not be prepared to pay. Small packages of nominal value may be sent through the United States Postal Service. Photographs and tapes may be included in these packages. Merchandise sent through a commercial mail carrier is extremely expensive and may be subject to customs duties, but this is the best way to send credit or debit cards.”

Basically, postal service in Guatemala is pretty shifty. Don’t send me anything valuable. Just your love. (Not that your love isn’t valuable…)


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